Melbourne Incinerator: a healthier Australia?

By NS | June 5, 2018 |
Australian waste end up in our oceans

  *Picture This*   It’s a Tuesday night and you’re taking your bins out for collection. Mindlessly, you leave them at the curb and then walk back inside thinking nothing of it. What if I told you that your trash had the potential to be so much more, and with Australia’s current process that potential…

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Construction in Oz

Where to Find Construction Jobs in Australia

By NS | November 14, 2017 |

Construction projects in Australia have generally been on the rise in 2017, creating the need for construction labour hire in Sydney. Anywhere you look across the country, there are commercial and residential construction projects taking place. However, if you’re looking for construction jobs in Australia, you may be wondering which states are the best markets…

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Bejing's Beautiful City Scape Image

Beijing to Ban Winter Construction to Lower Pollution

By NS | November 6, 2017 |

Officials in the Chinese capital of Beijing have announced a winter construction ban, which will be in effect from mid-November 2017 through mid-March 2018. This four-month suspension is taking place in order to improve the air quality in the major Chinese city. The reason behind the winter ban, as opposed to other times of the…

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High Density Construction

Is High Density Construction Losing Its Edge in Sydney?

By NS | October 30, 2017 |

The construction of high-density density dwellings in Sydney is expected to see a massive decline over the next year. In fact, by 2018, there’s expected to be roughly 50% fewer construction projects for high density dwellings when compared to 2015 and 2016. While recruitment agencies in Sydney were struggling to keep up with the demand…

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Western Sydney's Futuristic New Oval

Western Sydney's Incredible New Stadium is Now Under Construction

By NS | October 23, 2017 |

After many months of planning, meetings, discussions, and designing, the Western Sydney Stadium is now under construction. The ground was officially broken on September 23, 2017, and is expected to be a world-class facility upon its completion in early 2019. With the significant amount of skilled labour hire available in Australia and Sydney in particular,…

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Construction Trends Image

What Are Australia’s Biggest Construction Projects in 2017?

By NS | October 17, 2017 |

As the population of Australia continues its rise, government officials are planning ahead by beginning large construction projects for various purposes. It’s clear the current communities and business centres in Sydney and other cities throughout the country won’t be suitable for the expected population growth. As a result, construction projects are coming up everywhere to…

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Sydney's the Greenland Centre

Sydney's New Tallest Building – Our Most Impressive?

By NS | October 10, 2017 |

Upon completion, no residential building in Sydney will be taller than Greenland Centre, a $400 million tower currently under construction in the city’s central business district. The project, which recently began its above-ground construction phase, promises to bring housing and creative space to a city center already booming thanks to an upswing in investment, development,…

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