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The Biggest Trends in Construction, from the Experts

The Must-Know Trends in Construction, from the Experts

  The Future of Construction in 2017     6-months ago, Dragon Labour Hire discussed the growing trend and equally the importance of ‘contemporary’ office fit outs. Ideas like providing open-plans, bike racks and a shower/change room facility for post lunchtime Gym sessions; all have proven productivity improvements. Along with this developing and becoming mainstream,…

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Working Holiday Visa’s just got even better!

Some new and exciting changes are being implemented to Working Holiday Visa’s (WHV) in January 2017. The Australian Government have announced changes that will be beneficial to not only people who apply for Working Holiday Visas, but for people already working in Australia! Here are some of the key benefits if you’re looking to temporarily…

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The Ever-changing façade of Offsite Construction

New elements are continually being added to the spectrum of offsite construction, it’s pretty hard to keep up. Factory-built complete homes, fully fitted apartment and hotel modules captured a lot of the attention early on. And rightly so, as they represented a dramatically different way of achieving the ultimate build, with reduced construction time on site…

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Contractors VS Employees: Who To Choose?

For a lot of employers in the industrial sector, labour hire is one of the key concerns to be considered before kicking off the project. The choice between employees or independent contractors is an important one, as it can affect both the way that work is allocated as well as the technicalities e.g. payroll and taxation. So…

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State of Origin 2016

State of Origin Press Release

Sydney’s dedicated supplier of labour hire, The Dragon Group, joined a small number of big Australian brands in sponsoring The Holden State Of Origin Games.

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New Build Loans

Massive Increase In New Build Loans

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has released housing finance figures today Tuesday 11th May that show that lending to investors constructing new housing surged in March, said the Housing Industry Association, the voice of the residential building industry.

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Reserve Bank

Reserve Bank Cuts Interest Rates

The Reserve Bank of Australia has today cut interest rates for the first time in a year by 25 basis points to 1.75 per cent to help fight falling prices and an economic downturn.

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Swiming Pool

New Swimming Pools Information

Office of Local Government: Message to Real Estate Agents & Conveyancers Sale and lease provisions for properties with swimming pools from 29 April 2016.

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Sydney House Prices Ranked top four

Sydney Ranked In the Top Four For Property Price Growth Worldwide

In the 12 months from September 2014 Sydney’s property prices soared by around 20 per cent and Sydney was ranked in the top four countries in world for property price growth. Ranking fourth out of 165 other global cities and only being out ranked by Auckland up 25%, Istanbul in second up 25% and China’s…

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Sydney House Price median $1 Million

Sydney’s Average House Price Falls Below $1 Million

The first time in five years Sydney has seen a second quarter in a row a drop in the average house price.  Sydney’s median house price now below the $1 million mark and over the March quarter the median house dropped 1.5 per cent to $995,804, with units also seeing a drop of 0.7 per…

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