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Instagram in the Building Industry

Pictures worth 1000 words: How savvy building companies are growing their presence with Instagram: If you had asked me about Instagram a year ago, I would have told you it’s merely a fun app to kill time on the bus to work. I didn’t see how it could have any meaningful application to benefit construction companies.…

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Can Construction Learn about Digital Technology from the Rest of The World?

4-minute read While technology has turbocharged performance in virtually every industry, construction’s productivity has grown a sorry 1% in the past 20-years. Labour, which represents 50% of costs, is a particular drag. Today I’m writing about how Construction companies can utilise digital technologies to streamline their business, increase efficiencies, while simultaneously reducing costs and increasing…

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The Biggest Trends in Construction, from the Experts

The Must-Know Trends in Construction, from the Experts

  The Future of Construction in 2017     6-months ago, Dragon Labour Hire discussed the growing trend and equally the importance of ‘contemporary’ office fit outs. Ideas like providing open-plans, bike racks and a shower/change room facility for post lunchtime Gym sessions; all have proven productivity improvements. Along with this developing and becoming mainstream,…

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Working Holiday Visa’s just got even better!

Some new and exciting changes are being implemented to Working Holiday Visa’s (WHV) in January 2017. The Australian Government have announced changes that will be beneficial to not only people who apply for Working Holiday Visas, but for people already working in Australia! Here are some of the key benefits if you’re looking to temporarily…

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