Paperless Time Sheets

At Dragon, we have an industry leading timesheet system, making timesheets effortless and more importantly accurate for all labour hire projects.

With paperless timesheets all hours are submitted online and sent for approval by a designated supervisor. This reduces time, increases accuracy and ensures correct invoicing.

Labour Hire - Paperless Timesheets

Call us for a demo, we’ll show you how quick and painless timesheets should be or access our complete timesheet guide below.

You will be required to submit timesheets on a frequency set by Dragon Labour Hire.

Typically it will be a “Monday to Sunday” timesheet, you can fill it in everyday and save, but make sure to submit before the deadline on Friday. Once you click submit you cannot change anything, for any changes please contact us.

* If you work on weekend you can submit your timesheet on Sunday

If you have any kind of issue filling in your timesheet, please send an email to or a text message to 0428 230 303 and we will fix it, you can fill it on Monday morning at the latest.